Preszler Injury Lawyers has been serving injured victims in Ontario since 1959. In that time, we have helped resolve thousands of personal injury cases, including slip and fall claims. Slip and fall accidents are one of our primary areas of practice. We have amassed vast skill sets, effective legal strategies and helpful resources throughout the years.

With twelve locations, a contingency payment plan and our compassionate, flexible team, Preszler Law is a convenient and smart choice for legal representation. We regularly handle premises liability cases for people who’ve slipped and fell in all types of locations, from parking lots to construction sites, and our lawyers have an excellent track record of success.

Preszler Injury Lawyers: Your Go-to Firm for Slip and Fall Accidents

When we take on a slip and fall case, we give it our full attention and pull out all the stops. With our team of credentialed lawyers, case managers, assistants and support staff, Preszler Law is fully capable of handling even the toughest slip and fall cases.

It’s also important to note that we only represent injured victims; we don’t work for insurance companies, employers or businesses, so there is never a conflict of interest. Our sole aim is to help accident victims who are hurt because of another’s negligence. We strive to get the highest amount of compensation possible for our clients because we fully understand the massive effect a serious accident can have on you and your family – physically, emotionally and financially.

What Makes Preszler Injury Lawyers a Good Choice

There are three words that highlight why Preszler Law would make a solid choice as your slip and fall representative: experience, tenacity and success. Our lawyers know Ontario slip and fall liability laws; we are determined to get you the money you need and deserve, and our successful track record speaks for itself.

Below are a few other characteristics to take into consideration about our firm.

  • Our lawyers are members of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association.
  • We have excellent negotiating skills as well as litigation skills. Whatever the platform, we are prepared to fight on your behalf in order to produce the best results.
  • We don’t take an upfront retainer fee, and we work on a contingency basis. Our “You Don’t Pay Unless You WIN” credo illustrates our confidence in our ability to deliver positive results.
  • We have won at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Contact one of our slip and fall lawyers today at 1-800-JUSTICE® to schedule a free consultation. We will try to answer all your questions, review your case and give you clear information about your legal options and how we may be of service.

*Past results are not results are not indicative of future results